"With the introduction of IoT smart cities and digital management systems, cyber security is now an important aspect of facilities management"
"Cyber crime groups are no longer interested in stealing or extorting money, instead intellectual property and are now focusing more on traditional industries, such as manufacturing"
"Compromise of the corporate network could result in loss of key business data and serve as a method to attack control systems"
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Cyber criminals are taking all industries in mind when choosing their targets. Therefore it’s no surprise that a recent IBM study revealed that the manufacturing industry is the second most attacked. To keep critical IT and OT systems secure from threats, there are many existing and emerging challenge to consider.

CS Risk Management - Specialist Cyber Security Consultants

Facilities Management

With the introduction of IoT, smart cities and digital management systems, cyber security is now an important aspect of facilities management. A large amount of information about a building’s infrastructure as well as private corporate documents can be invaluable to a cyber criminal.


For decades utilities companies have been subject to some of the most advanced cyber attacks by criminals across the globe. These criminals aren’t just targeting the corporate networks of companies. They’re also heightening their attacks to target their industrial control systems.


Number of days a hacker resides in a network undetected


Of all network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials


Total cost of UK cyber crime in 2016 across 2.9 million companies


Of common breaches are due to employees opening fraudulent emails

Our Approach

Our approach covers all facets of cyber security including staff awareness, secure operating procedures, technical and physical security.

Furthermore, as professional cyber security consultants we work collaboratively with our clients. This includes including planning and facilitation of workshops and influencing solution design and development.

As a result of advancements, we also hold regular briefing sessions within the CS Risk Management team. This is also to help them retain a broad knowledge of the complexities of the cyber security industry.

CS Risk Management has become an award-winning cyber security consultancy. We’ve achieved this by providing high-quality advice, testing, training and certification services across a broad set of security disciplines.

In recent years we have helped clients build information security management systems considered “best in class” by Certification Body auditors. Furthermore, we have supported many businesses large and small achieve their security goals successfully.


We have extensive experience in information security within SMEs, leading consultancies and blue-chip companies. In light of this, our cyber security consultants are more than proficient in solving your challenges head on. Our consultants are members of professional industry bodies. These include ISACA, (ISC)2, the IISP and BCI. They also hold professional certifications such as CISA, CISSP, CISM, SCCP and CBCI.

We take a fresh approach to cyber security by specialising in four key services – ISO27001 certification, Cyber essentials, ICS cyber security and Incident management. Spanning across three specific industry segments, Utilities, Facility management and Manufacturing, this approach allows our cyber security consultants to have a deeper understanding of our client’s industry requirements.

As a result of our commitment to providing excellence, we are pleased to announce we’ve recently been awarded Cyber Security Specialist of the year 2017. This award has been given to us by the Corporate Livewire innovation & excellence awards.

Unlike other cyber security consultants, we specialise in four key services. (ISO27001 certification, Cyber essentials, ICS cyber security and Incident management). These span across three specific industry segments. (Utilities, Facility Management and Manufacturing). This approach allows us to have a deeper understanding of our client’s challenges and any specific industry regulative requirements.

We also pride ourselves in building long lasting personable relationships. That’s why our clients speak to the same cyber security consultant throughout the entire project. To discover more about our consultants, head over to our team page.

Here at CS Risk Management we are a specialist cyber security consultancy. We focus on the Utilities, Facilities Management and Manufacturing industries. However, we have extensive experience in the Gaming, Finance and Retail industries.

We are based near the sleepy village of Binfield in Berkshire. We help businesses all over the UK, Europe and the US get to grips with their information security and cyber security challenges.

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Latest News

  • Phishing is the leading cause of cyber-attacks against organisations!

    The leading cause of cyber-attacks on organisations is a cyber crime act known as Phishing. It is a form of fraud which a target or targets and contacted via email, social media, telephone or a text message acting as a legitimate well-known company to lure individuals into providing sensitive and personal information such as banking

    30th October 2018
  • Google+ forced to shut down due to user data breach

    Google have officially announced that they will be shutting down Google+ by August next year due to an API bug which meant that 500,000 Google+ users’ data has been left exposed due to a ‘glitch’ supposedly on-going since 2015. Better still…. They chose to keep quiet about it after they discovered it in March earlier this year.

    12th October 2018
  • UK blames Russian agents for recent cyber-attacks!

    Russian spies are being accused of several cyber-attacks, they have been described as “reckless” attacks targeting businesses, media and sport and political parties. The UK have exposed a campaign against the GRU, the cyber-attacks had taken place between 2015 to 2018.

    5th October 2018