Control System Security Architecture Reviews

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Protect your ICS from cyber security attacks with an architecture vulnerability assessment.

Preparing for  and responding to cybersecurity incidents is a burden for any organization. Many security teams must respond to incidents on a daily basis, many of which will require information to be gathered, data to be analysed and reports to be generated. All these things can put a strain on the running efficiencies of even the best teams.

Having a Secure Operation Procedure (SOP) in place is, therefore an essential and welcome tool. An SOP can can help a company create a standard level of security, while still allowing particular systems or areas to have an enhanced level of security. This will also allow your security professionals to focus on more high-value activities, like implementing improvements in the overall incident response program.

CS Risk Management have nearly 20 years experience of helping companies of all sizes to designs and implement Secure Operating Procedures. To get the process starting, speak to one of our experts today.

How Architecture Reviews Can Benefit Your Company

To ensure that there are no potential attack paths within a system architecture we can provide a vulnerability assessment of the system and network architecture to look for vulnerabilities. This can be done as part of an ICS cyber security best practice initiative or as part of a specific cyber security audit.

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Our Approach To Architecture Reviews

To perform an architecture review of a system or network we will need to initially have a meeting to understand the system or network and the functionality provided as part of this we will request documentation or if implemented ask to see the system or key networking components. We will then assess the information provided looking for attack paths and understanding the security barriers present to prevent attack. We will finalise our findings in a report which shows the risks associated along with the priority of the risks.

Our Previous Experience of Carrying Out Architecture Reviews

Our cyber security consultants come from a background of working in large corporate environments and hold multiple industry qualifications. They have come from a background in security audit and are well versed in performing architecture assessments. Our cyber security consultants have performed architecture assessments for the utilities, telecommunications, finance and insurance industries.

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Protect Your System Architecture from Cyber Attacks