Control System Security Services

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Control System Cyber Security Audits

Our cyber security audits of your industrial control systems are conducted by one of our cyber consultants to provide a clear picture of any gaps or weaknesses within your Industrial Control Systems to comply with legislation laws or best practice. Our approach to conducting the audit is to initially identify the threats to the system(s) both of a physical and logical nature to conduct a vulnerability assessment. Find out more about our control system cyber security audits.

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Control System Operation Procedures

Having secure control system operation procedures in place is an essential tool as it can help a company create a standard level of security for systems or enhance areas of cyber security within a business. Our consultants will work with you to understand security practices in place and function of areas or systems that require enhanced cyber security, then suggesting appropriate security controls to implement the required level of security.

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Control System Architecture Reviews

To ensure that there are no potential attack paths within a system architecture we can provide a vulnerability assessment of the system and network architecture to look for vulnerabilities. This can be done as part of an ICS cyber security best practice initiative or as part of a specific cyber security audit. Find out more about our control system architecture reviews.