Cyber Security Disaster Recovery

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With an ever increasing number of cyber attacks being carried out year on year, and nearly half (43%) of all cyber attacks now targeting organisations with 250 employees or fewer. This means the likelihood of being the victim of a cyber attack is higher than ever. And while it is important to take steps to prevent cyber attacks, they can still happen.

Businesses that experience cyber attacks face financial, legal and reputational damage. Having systems in place to fend off cyber attacks is vital, but these security mechanisms are often rendered useless by technical faults and human error. This is why implementing a cyber attack disaster recovery procedure has never been more important.

With nearly 20 years experience of helping businesses of all sizes to create, implement and carry out cyber disaster recovery plans, CS Risk Management are ideally placed to help your firm deal with the fall-out from cyber incidents with minimal disruption to your business activities. Find out more about the importance of disaster recovery and our approach to implementing a disaster recovery plan for your business or contact us here.

How a Disaster Recovery Plan Can Benefit Your Company

It’s good practice for organisation to have a documented disaster recovery plan in place aligned with a business continuity plan. This will aid in the recovery of systems if an issue occurs. Furthermore, this can also be used in the event of a cyber attack to recover the system at a known good recovery point.

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Our Approach to Cyber Disaster Recovery

Our cyber security consultants will work with you through the entire process. This is so that you can understand the process step by step along with the priority of systems being recovered. They will also review the business continuity plan. This is to understand the maximum tolerable period of disruption that the service that the system supports can withstand. Following on from this they will then document this information within a disaster recovery plan. Our cyber security consultants can also be on hand to assist in disaster recovery exercises.

Our Previous Experience With Disaster Recovery Plans

Our cyber security consultants come from a background of working in large corporate environments and hold multiple industry qualifications. We have produced disaster recovery plans for logistics, facilities management and IT service provider companies.

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Ensure Your Business Can Recover From Disaster.