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Cyber Security Incident Management

Cyber Security incidents affecting business operations are a daily occurrence. A recent survey estimated that 81% of large corporations and 61% of small businesses have suffered a cyber breach. The Russian Ministry of Communications reported that 40% of stolen funds are invested in the improvement of malware technology. Furthermore, criminals are also investing the stolen funds into improving phishing techniques and fraudulent online schemes. With this in mind, it is best to be prepared and have an effective incident management plan in case an incident does occur.

CS Risk Management is a cyber risk management company, with dedicated security consultants who have nearly 20 years experience of helping businesses of all sizes to create, implement and manage cybersecurity incident plans, covering the full range of requirements. See our complete list of incident management services below or speak to our expert team today.

Our Incident Management Services

Business Continuity

Having a Business Continuity Plan in place enables you to deal with incidents in a documented, methodical and rehearsed manner. Our cyber security consultant will work with you to complete a business impact assessment. This will define the business-critical activities along with which systems and people support them.

Disaster Recovery

It’s good practice for organisation to have a documented disaster recovery plan in place aligned with a business continuity plan. Our cyber security consultants come from a background of working in large corporate environments and will work with you through the entire process, with the priority of systems being recovered.

Data Breach Reporting

Legislation is always changing and increasing, and these new pieces of legislation require mandatory reporting of any data breaches or wider cyber security incidents. Our cyber security consultants have worked on compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and are now carrying out GDPR implementation.

Communication Plans

If an unforeseen incident occurs it is important to communicate this to customers, regulatory bodies, internal stake holders and media. Our cyber security consultants will work with you to put an effective communications plan in place as part of a larger business continuity plan.

Incident Response Plans

A proactive approach to Cyber Security includes having a cyber security incident management plan in place. Our cyber security consultants will work with you as part of a day long workshop to map out the process of responding to a cyber security incident in a formalised and rehearsed manner.

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