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With the introduction of IoT, smart cities and digital management systems, cyber security is now an important aspect of facilities management. A large amount of information about a building’s infrastructure can be invaluable to a cyber criminal. Not only this, but facility management companies also hold a large quantity of personal data for maintenance staff which poses as an attractive target for hackers.

It’s estimated that there will be over 22.5 billion IoT devices by 2021, all of which pose as a cyber security vulnerability. This is why it’s  imperative that facility management companies ensure their cyber security is up to standard before implementing new and emerging technologies.


Internet of Things

Recently there has been a convergence of IT and facilities management.  Because of this, these types of systems are vulnerable to new types of attacks. Some of which may be very difficult to detect and defend against.

Multiple locations

Where organisations span different physical location, sites are often disparate in terms of the security systems and processes. It’s important to have theses aligned as it poses as a large security risk.

Mobile workforce

The facilities management engineering workforce is predominantly mobile. The equipment and procedures they use must be robust enough to defend against attacks across diverse locations and situations.

Monitoring and alerting

The focus on efficiency means an increase level of automated monitoring. As a result, this further exposes the Facilities Management function to a security attack.

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