General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Ensure your business is GDPR compliant

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a binding regulation which came into force in May 2018. It aims to strengthen the protection of European citizens’ personal data by giving them more rights and by laying several new obligations on the shoulders of the organisations using the data. If you process any data of living individuals, you must be compliant with GDPR. This includes personal data from for example clients, customers, suppliers, contractors and employees.

GDPR considers ‘personal data’ as any information that could be used, on its own or in conjunction with other data, to identify an individual.

Benefits of GDPR Compliance

All organisations that process personal data by law must be compliant with GDPR (and UK Data Privacy Act 2018). Compliance can be a complex issue particularly in terms of determining which parts of the GDPR is relevant to the business. This service ensures that the client does what they have to be compliant with the law and reduces the risk of financial penalties for non-compliance or data breaches.

Being compliant with GDPR ensures customer confidence as it will show you are taking the correct security measures to protect your customers and clients data.

gdpr compliance

Our approach to GDPR Compliance

Our cyber security consultants will identify where you process personal data, we then assess the processing against the requirements of GDPR and highlight gaps. Once that is complete we then develop and execute a GDPR compliance programme which typically involves the following:

  • Organisation design to support GDPR compliance
  • Provide GDPR training and awareness to management and staff
  • Develop and integrate mandatory GDPR policies and processes into your business
  • Ensure sufficient evidence exists to be able to demonstrate compliance with GDPR
  • Detailed report with recommendations required to ensure compliance with GDPR

Why Trust Us?

  • CS Risk Management is an award-winning security consultancy with a strong track record of successful GDPR compliance programmes
  • Experience of end to end GDPR compliance programmes for companies of varying sizes from mid-sized organisations through to FTSE 100 corporates
  • Experienced consultants with certifications such as CISSP and CISM

Improved customer confidence

Demonstrate credibility to your clients or customers and show that you are taking the correct security measures in protecting their data.

Improved data security

Being GDPR compliant will extend your cyber security practices and mitigate any risks in event of a data breach.

Improved accuracy levels of data

GDPR improves accuracy levels of data stored in a companies database as data controllers have to rectify any errors they are informed of by clients or customers.

Is your business GDPR compliant?