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ISMS Internal Audits

As part of conforming with the standard and implementing a fully aligned ISO 27001 ISMS, internal audits will have to be conducted by your organisation to ensure that your ISMS is effectively implemented and maintained, and that it meets the requirements for the standard.

How ISMS audits can benefit your company

Maintaining a capability for performing your own internal audits is often expensive and onerous, and typically places additional pressure on staff that have been allocated as internal auditors, especially if this is not their only role in the business.  Engaging an external information security consultancy for your internal audits addresses away these challenges, and you gain the expertise of seasoned information security experts to really drive improvement and compliance within your ISMS.

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Our approach to ISMS Audits

Our implementation approach is tainted by pragmatism and years of experience in information security – we focus on what is require to manage information security well within your organisation, with ISO 27001 certification being a by-product of the implementation process rather than the main goal. Our consultants also work with you throughout the ISO 27001 risk management process, and aid you in defining a risk management framework.

Our approach focuses on realising the true business benefits of the management system, whilst minimising any unnecessary bureaucracy and overhead.  Once you have achieved ISO 27001 certification, we also provide services and support to help you maintain and improve your ISMS year-on-year so it grows as you grow.

Why Trust Us?

  • CS Risk Management is an award-winning security consultancy with a strong track record of successful ISO27001 certifications
  • A decade of experience of end to end implementation of ISO27001 for companies of varying sizes from mid-sized organisations through to FTSE 100 corporates
  • Experienced consultants with certifications such as CISSP, CISM and ISO27001 Lead Implementer
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