Cyber Security Operating Procedures for Control System Security

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Implementing a Secure Operation Procedure

Preparing for and responding to cybersecurity incidents is a burden for any organisation. Many security teams must respond to incidents on a daily basis, many of which will require information to be gathered, data to be analysed and reports to be generated. All these things can put a strain on the running efficiencies of even the best teams.

Having a Secure Operation Procedure (SOP) in place is, therefore an essential and welcome tool. An SOP can can help a company create a standard level of security, while still allowing particular systems or areas to have an enhanced level of security. This will also allow your security professionals to focus on more high-value activities, like implementing improvements in the overall incident response program.

CS Risk Management have nearly 20 years experience of helping companies of all sizes to design and implement Secure Operating Procedures. To get the process starting, speak to one of our experts today.

How a Secure Operation Procedure can Benefit Your Company.

A Secure Operating Procedure is a specific set of instructions of how to interact with a system or appropriate ways to work in a certain area. Implementing these kinds of procedures can help a company where they want a standard level of security across an organisation but for particular systems or areas they need an enhanced level of security.

Using technical guidance notes

Technical guidance notes provide information on best practices approaches to implementing procedures within a company. For example, if you have multiple operating departments or separate operating offices that all require a certain procedure to be practiced such as cyber security incident management you may implement a technical guidance note defining the best practice for the process.

If you are considering different technology options for your ICS cyber security implementation our cyber security consultants can help by undertaking a study to identify all the options available, and by reviewing the possible implementation, provide recommendations as to the most appropriate technology to use. These technology studies can help during new system implementation or as part of strategic technology direction decisions.

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Our Approach To Secure Operation Procedures

Our Cyber Security Consultants will work with you to understand the standard security practices in place and the function of the area or system requiring the enhanced security. For writing technical guidance notes, our cyber security consultant will understand the current procedure that you have in place within your company along with the best practice procedures that exist.

We will then suggest appropriate security controls to implement to achieve the required level of security. From this we will then be able to draft a procedure that fits with your company and aligns with best practice.

Our Previous Experience

Within our ICS Cyber Security work, we have been assessing and drafting Secure Operating Procedures and drafted many technical guidance notes on behalf of clients many years. We have undertaken many cyber security audits and understand the types of controls that can be implemented and the practical restraints in place that require bespoke measures being implemented to provide the required level of confidence in the security arrangements.

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