UK blames Russian agents for cyber-attacks!

Russian spies are being accused of several cyber-attacks, they have been described as “reckless” attacks targeting businesses, media and sport and political parties. The UK have exposed a campaign against the GRU, the cyber-attacks had taken place between 2015 to 2018.

The National Cyber Security Centre recently said that those who have been conducting the cyber- attacks are in fact GRU. The attacks have had a knock-on effect on citizens around the world, including those from Russia, businesses and it has impacted national economies costing them millions of pounds.

It is believed that the cyber-attacks carried out by GRU have attempted to disrupt transport systems in Ukraine and attacked

cyber security cyber attack ipadsporting businesses such as ‘World Anti- Doping Agency’; which is an Olympic committee to stop the use of drugs in sports. They used the phishing method to gain access to passwords.

It shows that GRU underwent a secret campaign to undermine the law affecting the UK, Russia and the US. Images of the GRU agent’s car were released as police found a cyber hacking kit used to steal people’s logins, which was then later seized.

It is suspected that those who carried out the Salisbury poisoning are a part of the same group (GRU) linked to the cyber-attacks. They had also been accused of stealing content from a small unnamed UK TV company in 2015 where they were able to hack into email accounts and gain information.

The GRU’s actions are reckless and indiscriminate: they try to undermine and interfere in elections in other countries; they are even prepared to damage Russian companies and Russian citizens. This pattern of behaviour demonstrates their desire to operate without regard to international law or established norms and to do so with a feeling of impunity and without consequences

– Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary

Theresa may, the prime minister has also responded saying that we will work together with our allies to ‘shine a light’ on Russia’s criminal methods and respond to them in an effective manner.
Russia had earlier dismissed the claims from the Netherlands and the UK. The Russian embassy said that the UK had made a ‘reckless’ statement and that they were part of an ‘anti- Russian campaign’.


Following these cyber-attacks, UK businesses need to do more to defend themselves from future attacks and threats; especially state sponsored attacks by changing their operations and ensuring that they are doing their best to minimize the risk of an attack. To find out how you can do this check out our latest blog with our top 9 tips to improve your businesses cyber security!