What Do Judy, RoughTed & Zusy Have in Common?

Judy. RoughTed. Zusy. Fireball. Qakbot. Industroyer. CrashOverride.

What do the above words have in common?

Considering this is a cyber security newsletter you’ll probably have guessed that they are all security related. What you might not realise is that these are all security threats that have been in the news in just this month alone.

When the WannaCry ransomware attack hit the headlines in May it was for good reason. In just 24 hours more than 230,000 computers across 150 countries were affected by the attack, including the much-publicised breach suffered by the NHS. While updates were applied and new infections have slowed, the economic cost of WannaCry has been estimated to be as much as $4 billion.

Going back to our list of words, they all have another thing in common. While their methods of attack may differ, they all required human interaction – a click of a link, a download of a file or even just a visit to a website – to achieve their aim. Simple but effective.

Businesses spend billions each year investing in defensive solutions such as anti-virus software but reviews have found that 90% of all malware requires human interaction in order to infect its target machine. So despite the investment in technology an attack could still be successful if an unwitting employee clicks on a link or downloads an infected file.

Prevention is better than cure

But it’s not all bad news. If malware slips through the anti-malware measures it could still be stopped from affecting the network by employees being vigilant and knowing what to look for. Educating employees should be a key part of a company’s culture and one way to achieve this is through a formal training and awareness programme.

We know that allocating budgets and making time for training can be difficult but embedding a culture of security awareness is worth the investment. We want to make security awareness education accessible to everyone so we’ve developed classroom and online awareness courses plus resources that can be used to promote best practice security.

Security Awareness Courses

Our classroom Staff Awareness Courses cover the key security threats that exist both in the workplace and online, what to look out for and the measures to take to combat against these threats. Each session includes practical elements and points for discussion and can be tailored around a company’s existing security policies.

Online Security Awareness Courses

We understand that the classroom Staff Awareness Courses may not be practical for every business so in response to demand we’re introducing our Online Training platform

The Cyber Security Employee Awareness Training course has been designed to raise awareness in a straightforward way, via an online course which can be completed on any device, anywhere (when connected to a secure network of course!)

Visit our training pages to find out more about these courses and take a look at our Best Practice Security Awareness posters, free to download from our shop.